Google Font API and the Google Font Directory

The Google Font Directory provides high-quality web fonts that you can include in your pages using the Google Font API. Looks like a promising new future for web design.  Hope Google continues to add to the font library.


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Thoughts on the Apple iPad

Apple iPad

Apple’s new iPad device was finally unveiled yesterday, Wed Jan, 27th, 2010.  My initial reaction was one of disappointment. I suppose it was due to all of the hype that was built up leading up to the launch.  Many people had speculated on not only it’s form factor, but also it’s software interface.

I can accept the form factor.  It looks like an Apple product. My only complaint is with the choice to not include a built in camera for taking pictures, video and chat. Other than that, I really like the design. I particularly impressed that there are no additional hardware buttons other than the typical round home button. Speaker and volume switches are nice to have too. I also like the border around the screen to allow for holding with your thumbs.

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Project Ares for Palm OS

Palm - Project Ares

Project Ares is the first mobile development environment hosted entirely in a browser, lowering the barriers for web developers to jump into mobile development.”

This is certainly an interesting idea for mobile app development.  Will be interested to see if Apple or Google responds with a similar idea down the road.

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End of Print? The future = Digital Magazine.

With the recent announcement of the last issue of ID Magazine, you have to wonder what the future of print is.  Well, one company is trying to do their part in imagining what the future could hold for digital magazines.  Pretty interesting concept.

Mag+ from Bonnier on Vimeo.

Microsoft Tablet Computer…The Courier

I’m not a Microsoft or Apple fanboy of any kind, but this new concept looks promising from Microsoft.  More of a book than a tablet, the Courier supports a stylus for handwriting and includes a 3-megapixel camera on the back.